Cherry Grove

Cherry Grove is easily considered one of the most outrageously fun communities on the entire island.  The shops and restaurants are all brilliantly colored and built on multi-levels, so you can find something for everyone-and we mean everyone!  Known as a primarily gay area, people in this town are always ready to have a good time.  The community is well-known for their pristine sand dune beaches, dazzling nightlife and parties, fine dining, themed events, and tea dances.

Cherry Grove is one of America’s first predominately gay communities and perhaps the most famous of all gay resorts offering something for everyone.  Cherry Grove is complete with its full-service hotel, fine guest houses, restaurants, bars and dance clubs.

Cherry Grove is also the home to the all-male “Miss Fire Island” beauty pageant, an incredibly festive drag contest which many consider to be the most widely attended event on the island.