Far from the sounds and pressure of the city, Fire Island’s famous beaches await your arrival, with 32 miles of pristine sand dune beaches, centuries-old maritime forests, and glimpses of wildlife.

Fire island is home to as diverse a collection of communities as any place in America.  Here the forces of nature, the rich variety of animal and plant life and the events of history have worked to shape an environment that is unique and surprisingly unspoiled.

Experience the dazzling night scene, enjoy fine dining, or climb to the top of one of the tallest lighthouses in the United States to enjoy a spectacular view of Fire Island.

Fire Island provides an opportunity to leave the car behind and enjoy miles of boardwalk and trails.  Whether you are searching for sheer relaxation, fun, backpacking, bird watching, or sunbathing, many adventures await you at Fire Island.

Interspersed are 17 vibrant, diverse communities, which have been established before the creation of the national seashore. Each community has a different style, flavor and attitude. Over the years every community has carved out its own niche.  From exclusive, to commercial, to busy, to outrageous. From family to singles/group oriented and any shade in between.

There is no hard-surfaced road connecting the communities, so they are accessibly mainly by ferry or private boat.  Without paved roads and with limited traffic, the communities have provisions for guests and tourists, while others are strictly residential.

Today Fire Island is one of the hottest places to visit or have a beach house.  The “no cars allowed” policy makes for a unique, tranquil and stress free experience.  Fire island has never succumb to the same commercialism and class barriers that haunts the Hamptons.  Fire Island has no restaurants that require a tie and people here opt for casual dress.

This still is a truly laid back Bohemian getaway where relaxation is paramount.  The striking sunsets alone are worth the trip