Safety & Grocery Delivery Update

Various community heads on Fire Island have voiced their concerns with regards to the inevitable influx of people in the coming days and weeks.  These concerns are by no means selfish.  There simply is not enough emergency service units on the island.  These concerns are for both the current and future inhabitants of the island.  So, with that in mind, if you do not NEED to come to Fire Island, please don’t.

Additionally, we have received numerous calls regarding inconsistencies with the various grocery delivery services in the area.  While we can’t verify this information 100%, we would like you all to be sure you are prepared prior to your trek out to Fire Island.  The Bay Shore area markets are doing their best to restock the basic necessities, and it’s in everyone’s best interest to be prepared prior to heading to Fire Island.  Please visit our freight FAQ page for more information regarding grocery delivery.

Thank you for your patience throughout these stressful times.

Please continue to monitor our website for service updates.