2019 Season Parking Now Available

The miscellaneous 2019 season parking application is now available online as of 12:00pm EST (noon) today, December 4, 2018 at https://seasonparking.fireislandferries.com
If you are NOT a Saltaire Homeowner or Ocean Beach Homeowner, this is the application for you.  If you are a Saltaire or Ocean Beach Homeowner seeking a second parking spot, please fill out this application with the information of the secondary car you wish to register.

  • Ocean Beach Homeowner season parking applications will be available online January 8th, 2019.  We will also be mailing out the applications along with instructions on how to apply online, the application you receive in the mail will have a unique app ID which is required to complete your application online.  If you would like to mail the application in, please feel free to do so.  If you choose to complete the application online, there will be a processing fee applied.  This is the final year of applications being mailed out.  In the future, all applications will be done online, and therefor all subject to the processing fee.

  • Saltaire season parking applications will be mailed to all applicants by the Village of Saltaire.  Saltaire applications will not be available online.

  • This application WILL NOT be mailed out via USPS and is available online only.
  • Please make sure your internet browsers are up to date.
    • Internet Explorer version 10 or newer, and the most recent versions of Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.
  • This application WILL NOT be available at our office.
  • It is highly recommended that you complete this application from a computer instead of a phone or tablet.
  • You will need your vehicle information (make, model, year, color, license plate) in order to complete this application.  If you are getting a new car between the time you apply, and the time you will pick up your 2017 permit, please fill in your current vehicle’s info for the time being.
  • Registering multiple cars on the same credit card? Please contact your credit card company to inform them of this, so as to avoid suspected fraud alerts which would prevent us from processing your application.
  • If you are completing this application for someone else, please make sure you have their Name, Address, Phone Number, Vehicle Information, and Credit Card Information.
  • Applications are not processed instantaneously.  Once the application is approved, the credit card will be charged, and a notification email will be sent out.  The application processing time can take up to 36 hours.  
  • The price for 2019 Misc. Season Parking after a processing fee & and NYS sales tax will be $882.94 for standard size vehicles, and $986.81 for over-sized vehicles.