Freight misc


Lumber Pricing

Item DescriptionPrice
Kids Bike$3.00
Medium Bike$4.00
Adult Bike$5.50
Scooters, Trikes, and kids toys$2 and up
Cartons, Bags$2.00 (minimum)
King Kullen, etc.$5.00 and up
Case of Beer$2.00
Case of Soda$2.00
Case of Liquor$2.75
Gasoline (5 gal)$5.00 round trip
Water (5 gal)$5.00 round trip
Grills in Carton$7.50 and up
Love Seats$15.00 and up
Sofas$25.00 and up
Televisions$5.00 and up
Fertilizer, soil, ets$2.00
Plants$1.75 and up
Trees $2.50 per foot up to 5ft
$3.25 per ft. 6' and up
BBQ Tanks$5.00 round trip
Kayaks$15.00 and up
Jet Skis$35.00 one way
Surfboards (small)$5.00 and up
Sunfish/Sailboat$40.00 and up