Freight House Towns

Click Here for Ocean Beach freight house guidelines

Ocean Beach, Fair Harbor, Seaview and Ocean Bay Park each have a freight house. However, due to their small size and the vast quantities of freight transported, these freight houses will only be used as temporary waypoints for your smaller items, i.e. UPS, FedEx, Amazon and beverage. Arrangements MUST be made for same day pick-up of larger and bulk items, including but not limited to; bedding, furniture, appliances, bicycles, etc. We ask that you please continue to give the freight department notice when one of these shipments is expected. In addition, any perishable items, landscaping, building material, or the like, will not be brought into the freight house.

During the off-season the freight house is only open when the freight boat is in your community. If you call Bay Shore (631.647.3055) after 10:30 AM we will be able to give you a rough estimate as to when the boat will be in your town. Please plan on getting to the freight house before that time and waiting for the boat. During the peak season we will have posted hours of operation that can be referenced.

We are not responsible for any freight held for 7 days or more. Storage charges will begin to accrue after 14 days (equal to freight charge for each 7-day period) and we reserve the right to dispose of any items left longer than 30 days, at the customer’s expense. Once again, bulk items will need to be picked up on the day of delivery. Please arrange your shipments accordingly.