Freight Customer Portal

Freight Customer Portal

Fire Island Freight has developed a website for the convenience of our customers.  Many Fire Islanders have asked us to put a system in place that eliminates the need to carry cash to drop off or pick up freight.  Our website allows new residential customers to create an account with us, eliminating the need to pay for a shipment at the dock. Your credit card will be billed automatically during the season. Our website also allows residential and commercial customers to view their shipments at any time of day, and for any shipping period from the current day to the current season.

New Residential Customers: 
We ask that you set up a residential account with us, using your credit card. The website is listed below. The process to open your account is very user friendly. You will be asked for your email address (required), home and Fire Island contact information, and your credit card information. The website and our servers utilize current best-of-breed security standards to safeguard your information, and all of your sensitive information is encrypted. If you do not want to utilize this website to register, kindly call us at 631-647-3055 and we can do this over the phone. You can also come to the freight house to do so in person.
To create your account, go to the website listed at the top or bottom of this letter.
Please utilize the Print ID function after logging in. With this feature you can print out label ID’s for freight that you are dropping off yourselves. It will list your name, beach, and account number.

Existing Residential Customers:
If you have been shipping with us in the past, you probably already have your name and address on file in our system. If you have already created a credit card account with us, thank you! You do not need to do anything at this time.
If you have not yet taken advantage of our credit card billing, please call the office at 631.647.3055 or email us at We will check that you have an email address in your customer record, and we will assign an initial password for your account. You may then log in to the website as an existing user, change your password, and complete the forms for your account.

Commercial Accounts: 
Commercial account holders are free to utilize this website to track their shipments, but cannot create a new commercial account. You are invoiced customers and billing is done separately.

If you have any issues, feel free to call us Monday thru Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm or leave a message. Our telephone is 631-647-3055, our email address is
The Fire Island Freight Website is:

We would like to make your freight shipping experience as painless and expeditious as possible. Your cooperation will help immensely. If you have any questions, please call the freight dept. at 631.647.3055.