Legend has it that back in the 1920’s a real estate firm bought up the 3,000 foot strip of land between Seaview and Point O’ Woods with the innocent intention of developing it as another restricted family community of White Angle-Saxon Protestant Americans.  They named it, in a burst of creativity, Ocean Bay Park and built 40 homes in the architectural style known as Early Warren G. Harding.  Anticipating the road-builders of the succeeding generation, laid down a concrete promenade atop the dunes that ran from one end of town to the other.

This was as far as they got.  The depression came, then war and next, postwar uncertainty.  The promenade crumbled, Ocean Bay Park languished.

The Flynn family bought the coast guard station after world war II and turned it into a 20-room hotel.  Later the Flynns bought three other stations on the island and barged two of them seven miles from the Lighthouse and the other from 25 miles east of the present site.  One of the barges forms the casino’s boat dock, where visitors to Ocean Bay Park can dock their boats.  The stations were combines to make 60 hotel rooms.  In 1950, things finally turned for the better, with a lively, jazzier tempo accentuating Ocean Bay Park.  A building boom, which enlarged the number of houses to 250, completed Ocean Bay Park’s new look with the most far-out collection of houses since Bear Run.

Ocean Bay Park is still predominantly a family community whose citizens are concerned with its well-being.  The property owners have set up a bay recreation area for children; have planted over a thousand seedling pines along Midway and Bay Walk to add to the shrubbery, and have consistently tried to protect the dunes by building snow fence and planting grass and yucca.