Fire Island Pines

The Pines is truly an architectural paradise and the largest community on Fire Island.  Predominantly gay, you will find the layout and design of the shops and restaurants beautiful, and done in fabulously good taste!  When you approach from the bay side, you are reminded almost of Monte Carlo or the South of France.

The Fire Island Pines has a quieter, more intimate and residential feel.  Here you will find the most celebrities staying in the most fabulous houses.  Beautiful sprawling beach houses lay hidden amongst the rolling boardwalks and wind-sculpted pine trees.  Many visitors from around the world flock to this sprawling harbor and famous nightclubs which feature trend-setting dance music.

The swimming pool is perhaps the best symbol of the ubiquitous wealth of the Pines.  Over two-thirds of all the private pools on Fire Island may be found here.  Real estate is the most expensive on the island.  On any given day a handsome fleet of yachts may be seen docked at the community’s long, man-made harbor containing 85-slips.   Reservations are made one year in advance, and there is even a seaplane-landing marina.  Come experience the wonder that is the Pines!