Late Spring Schedule & New Fares Start Friday 5/15

The Late Spring Schedule starts this Friday, May 15th.

Additionally, the new rates will take effect as of the first trip that day.

Any tickets purchased prior to May 15th are valid until used.

Adult One-Way: $10.00
Adult Round-Trip: $19.00
Adult 40-Trip Book: $295.00
Senior Citizen One-Way: $9.00
Child One-Way: $5.00
Child Round-Trip: $9.00
Child 40-Trip Book: $140.00
1am One-Way: $19.00
1am Round-Trip: $27.00
Worker Ticket 40-Trip Book: $235.00*

*Restricted Fire Island worker books for Monday through Friday ONLY (departing at approximately 7am to Fire Island and returning at approximately 4:30pm to Bay Shore).  Restricted purchase at the Bay Shore main office only. Sold in books of forty only.  Restricted exclusively for workers travelling to their principal place of employment on Fire Island.

*PLEASE NOTE*: Worker Tickets WILL NOT be accepted during the SUMMER SCHEDULE. (Starting June 19)